Here is a list of my Hourly Rates

  • Per Hour Rate $75

    Minimum of 2 Hours.

  • 20 Prepaid Hours $995

    Prepay for 20 Hours and save over $500.

  • Initial Doula Consultation Visit $150

    Up to 2-Hour Visit. This investment can be applied toward the Planning Package.

  • Planning Package $950

    Up to 5 Hours to discuss your needs and put together your Services package.

  • Wellness Check $75

    Will travel to Loved one's location within a 30-mile radius to ensure that they are fine and their immediate needs are met. Price is per hour with a minimum of 1 hour. Travel outside of the 30-mile radius will be billed for travel time at the Hourly rate.

  • Legacy Project Package $600

    8 Non-Consecutive Hours. Rate is $75/Hr if additional Hours are needed. Choose one project from a variety of Legacy projects. I will assist your loved one in determining how they want to be remembered. From there, I will help them complete their project. We can explore anything from a video, memory box, photo album, life scroll, cookbooks, etc.

  • COVID Relief Project $200

    During this time of COVID, I realize that you may not be able to be with your loved one while they are going through the possible dying process. We can assist you through the process of acceptance of being absent from the bedside by helping you with projects of remembrance. We can do this by working in person or virtually via Zoo. We will be assisting you with ideas and arrangement of items or information, and give ideas on how to have a lasting memory item for you and your loved ones while you work through this time of need.

  • Aromatherapy Services $120

    3 private, 30-minute sessions for your loved one to enjoy.

  • Aromatherapy formulation $75

    If you call and want to know a formulation of essential oils that will assist your loved one with their needs whether it be for mind, body, or spirit I can be of service. You can use your own essential oils or I can use mine to formulate and send it to you if you would like.

  • Aromatherapy Blending for Grief - Loved one $200

    I will travel to wherever you call home to provide 1.5 hours of Aromatic support. This may include: - Diffusing scent for relaxation - Application of a custom herbal/oil blend to hands or feet - Use of Hydrosols for emotional care and support - Hand-crafted Herbal oil infusions used as a base for Essential oils Appointments do not include medical care or advice.

  • Aromatherapy Blending for Grief - Family $225

    This individual appointment will be used to identify the emotions one experiences following significant loss. Education and information will be shared about each Essential oil that can provide comfort as well as support to the individual going through the grief process. We will work together to create a specialized 10 ml blend to support you in the grief process and through the transitions of loss. Appointments range from an hour to 90 minutes. Blends for additional people can be added for $80

  • Vigil Package - Day Hours $340

    4 Consecutive Hours of service between 7am and 10pm. Additional Hours are $85/Hour. Service begins when patient has entered the active dying process, which can last for several days.

  • Vigil Package - Evening Hours $500

    4 Consecutive Hours of service between 10pm and 7am. Additional hours are $125/Hour. Service begins when patient has entered the active dying process, which can last for several days.