Owl Symbol?

Owl Symbol

In certain cultures, like China, Egypt, India and a number of European countries, the symbolic meaning of the Owl is associated with death. However, it is not a symbol of death, per se. The Owl is well-regarded as being the guardian of the afterlife. It is said that the Owl guides the spirit of the loved one that has died safely to the other side.

Owl Symbol of Death

Depending upon the culture, the symbolic meaning of the Owl may include:

  • Intelligence
  • Guidance
  • Perspective
  • Intuition 
  • Independence
  • Wisdom
  • Protection
  • Perceptiveness
  • Mystery
  • Power

Many Native American tribes (mainly those located in the Central U.S.) viewed the Owl as a protector against harm and they used their feathers to ward off evil spirits.  Some cultures made the Owl the emblem of wisdom and even inscribed the image of the Owl on their coins.  To the ancient Greeks, the Owl is a symbol of Athene who is goddess of foresight & knowledge.

The Owl is a nocturnal animal and is a creature of night. Some believe it is a creature of inner-knowing, psychic ability, and intuition.

If you have ever had an Owl visit you, I truly believe an extraordinary gift has been bestowed upon you.  One thing you must keep in mind though is that animals are only called to those who share the same energy. So, in other words, if an Owl has visited you, than you must hold within you some of the very same symbolic attributes the Owl represents.

The Owl is the symbol of Soulful Transitions as I strive to hold all the same qualities as the Owl within my work and how I live my life.  I also see many OwIs in my dreams, especially when I am in the mist of working with and caring for others. I am a protector of those who need me. I have a great inner knowing of what to do to assist others. That is why I created Soulful Transitions as I believe I can help you and your loved one with any of your needs during this time of transition.